Become official partner of #EUvsVirus - official EU Hackathon for coronavirus challenge

Become official partner of #EUvsVirus - official EU Hackathon for coronavirus challenge

AMU is in contact with the European Commission to help mobilize its community and partners in the pan-European online Hackathon that the EU will hold from 24 to 26 April. The EU sets the objective of gathering 60,000 individuals across Europe in the fight against the COVID-19. 

We think this is a great opportunity to act as a “CIVIS community” to strengthen the links between our students, staff, teachers, enterprises and researchers during this period!

Thus, we propose simple CIVIS joint-actions, which could be implemented swiftly:

  • Each CIVIS university encourages its own local network (students, researchers, startups, teachers,…) to get involved by registering before April 19th on the dedicated website:
  • We encourage our communities to promote their ideas, projects, teams through using three hashtags on social medias: #EUvsVirus#CIVISvsVirus #[NameOfUniversity]vsVirus (e.g. for AMU’s community, we encouraged to use #AixMarseilleVSvirus in addition to #CIVISvsVirus and #EUvsVirus)

By mobilizing our networks as a CIVIS community, we will give strength to our commitment to fight the pandemic at the EU-level. By using a common hashtag/keyword (i.e. #CIVISvsVirus), we give ourselves the means to identify projects emerging from CIVIS or initiatives in which our communities are involved to:

  • Promoting and supporting those involved, as well as their ideas and projects
  • Rewarding the selected teams and solutions through a CIVIS label, prize or a dedicated accompaniment (towards further financial, technological or scientific support)

We look forward to hearing your comments/ideas/opinion on this.

With our best wishes,

Giovanna Chimini, Vice-President for international relations
Romain Laffont, Vice-President for relations with socio-economic partners
AMU Team for the EUvsVirus Hackathon